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Little Moments in Varkala

13 Oct

We’ve been on the beach in Varkala, India for the last several days and haven’t felt like writing anything. Nothing has really happened either. It’s the little moments, though, that often find a way to influence the greater part of something. Perhaps we have even experienced one or more of those little moments in the last few days. It’s hard to know. That’s what makes them special; you don’t realize how long-lasting they are until later. We’re going to go ahead, however, and list some candidates for those little moment that might stick with us. Later, we’ll realize which ones were actually important.

1)  The beach wasn’t as expansive as it was supposed to be or rather as it was advertised to be or rather as it will be in a month’s time.

2)  There were a few small beaches, that acted as nearly private beaches, if you could get to them along the cliffs.

3)  The waves didn’t act like normal waves. They crashed on top of us as if they were trying to break us.

4)  The first sunset we saw was cloudless. The sun dipped behind the water with a full on green flash.

5)  Every sunset became a must. None of them were as terrific as the first.

6)  Eric and I were on the beach watching a sunset on the second night. A group of Indian men approached us to begin a conversation. One of them looked Eric in the eyes in that serene moment and asked Eric a question he’s only heard from a girlfriend, “What are you thinking about right now?”

7)  Boats arrive in the late afternoon with their daily catches. An impromptu market immediately starts, and the fish are sold.

8)  Indians aren’t allowed to swim. White skinned people are. (insert something about racial discrimination)

9)  A lifeguard asserting his authority to an absurd degree called Alan out of the water before he was even close to reaching the boundary line marked by red flags. Alan, like the nice boy he is, listened to the lifeguard and began walking back into the middle of the swimming area, away from the red flags, in waist deep water. The lifeguard then went nuts with his whistle and waving his finger at Alan and yelling at him. Alan couldn’t hear him, so he yelled back, “What?” The lifeguard demanded he come over to him, told Alan to not yell at him, and said that Alan shouldn’t walk in waist deep water because it is easier to walk on land, declaring he is a lifeguard; he should know.

10)  If you buy lounge chairs at the beach for the day, know the day ends at 4:00 PM.

11)  Our neighbor meditating on the porch the first night we returned from dinner.

12)  Our neighbor not speaking to us.

13)  Our neighbor high kicking the air at night … because he must know that’s a weird thing to do.

14)  The old man that walked around with a see-through cloth wrapped around his waist. (It was very see-through.)

15)  The old man with the see-through cloth smoking weed on his porch.

16)  The old man with the see-through cloth being a super-talented and successful Dutch artist.

17)  The yoga at sunset with all white participants and no Indians. The Indians didn’t know what the hell was going on.

18)  The waiter at a restaurant offering to sell us 10 grams of weed for the equivalent of 10 dollars.

19)  The old man with the see-through cloth asking me if I’m a computer hacker.

20)  The manager at the restaurant who sat in the back and listened to 50 Cent’s greatest hits on a constant loop.

21)  The French guy surfing on lounge chairs and fighting the air for an entire day.

22)  Alan telling us that he’s flying to Australia and may never see us again.

And that was Varkala.