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Down, But Not Out

29 Aug

Bad news has dominated the blog so far, so it was my job to shed some light on a bit of optimism in my writing debut…

I tried to write this last night, but simply could not muster up enough positive energy.  I have wanted to go to North Korea ever since I touched down in Seoul three years ago.  So to be so close to experiencing the infamous North and to have it all come crashing down was pretty disappointing.  Now that’s the last of the negative.

Yesterday, when we got off the phone with Simon and told him we were not going to be able to make it, I immediately suggested to Dane that we go get a beer.  After he told me it was too early (it was after 10 AM at least!) we sat down and discussed our options.  Alan is going to be in Nepal on Sept. 2nd, so we figured we might as well take our newly acquired free time and go somewhere.  We wanted to go somewhere that would make us feel better and take our minds off this missed opportunity.  Naturally, my first suggestion was Las Vegas!  We are hoping to get a lot of money back from the North Korea trip thanks to travel insurance, so why not double down right away?!

Well obviously Vegas is too far, so we settled on somewhere that is cheap, on the way, and a place where we can have a lot of fun!  We are going back to Bangkok!

Dane and I found a cheap, direct flight to Bangkok so we will be headed there tomorrow afternoon.  Its not the mysterious start to the trip that we thought we would have had in North Korea, but we know it will still be  fun and a good way to salvage the time we have before we meet Alan in Kathmandu.  We dont even really have a plan, we are just going to go there, hang out for a few days and try to meet some new people.  If all goes well, we will have some stories to compete with whatever kind of crazy stuff Alan is doing in Pyongyang!!

So, it’s not all bad news. Even though North Korea won’t work out for us, Thailand is always a good time.  We also already received confirmation that we will get our flight to Beijing refunded by the airline, and we are going to apply for a refund for the NK trip and have been told it will almost certainly be refunded.

Things are starting to look up for us and hopefully there will be no more bad news to report from here on out!