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Cape Town

30 Nov

We were meant to stop in Cape Town for 4 days. We ended up staying eight. Need we say more? Well, yes, probably, if you want details, so we’ll give them. But most importantly, our arrival in Cape Town marked the return of Alan.

Alan:  In Australia, I was a one man wolf pack. But when I picked up Dane and Eric from the airport, my wolf pack grew to three. All is right again.

Eric:  We are back. We are back. We are BAAAAACCCKK!

Dane:  JP was also there.

Eric:  Yeah, JP summed up the reunion well. He said Dane and I went to Petra saw the Pyramids, and went on safari and Alan did … well, nothing.

Alan:  I caught up on season two of Sixteen and Pregnant.

Dane:  Day one JP took us around to Long Street and to Camps Bay.

Alan:  We had a few beers and took in the scenery (read:  gawked at women)

Eric:  And swam in the coldest water in the world!

Dane:  Yeah, that water was freezing. Camps Bay is situated right on a current that brings up water from Antarctica. And it felt like it.

Alan:  After that we hiked Lion’s Head for sunset and brought some wine.

Eric:  We didn’t bring a corkscrew so we had to push the cork down into the bottle with a stick! It added a little dirt to the wine.

Dane:  Looking back on it, our first day was extremely productive. I can’t believe it took us a week to cover the rest of Cape Town.

Alan:  To do four things.

Eric:  If that.

Dane:  Well, let’s list the activities we did in the remaining days.

Alan:  The District Six Museum, Shark Diving…

Eric:  Table Mountain.

Alan:  Robben Island. And met up with some of my old friends.

Eric:  Drinking.

Dane:  That’s what really stretched out our time.

Eric:  No doubt.

Dane:  We’ll go in order. Let’s start with the District Six Museum. Anything to say?

Eric:  We took funny pictures. No, just kidding.

Dane:  Well, we did.


Eric:  Yeah, but it was a pretty informative museum.

Dane:  It could have been laid out better. Could’ve had a better flow to tell the story of the neighborhood.

Alan:  It was interesting to see the history of an old black and colored neighborhood that had been cut off by apartheid and then just taken back by the city when they wanted the land back without any sort of reparations made to the people that lived there.

Dane:  On to Robben Island.

Eric:  I thought it was really cool that our tour guide was a former prisoner. I wish he would’ve talked more about his own personal experiences rather than Nelson Mandela’s.

Alan:  Yeah, it was interesting to hear a couple of Mandela stories and see his old cell, but it would’ve been nice to hear some of our guide’s stories.

Dane:  Certainly a personal account of his stay and experiences imprisoned on the island would’ve been much more interesting and made the experience more powerful.

Alan:  Shark Diving.




Eric:  It was intense. Each one of us has our own personal little story, I guess. Alan got hit by a shark fin. Dane almost had his head eaten off.

Dane:  I think you just told our stories.

Alan:  Fetal positions were entered into…

Eric:  Well, Alan just told mine, so…

Dane:  You were the first one of us to be in a cage and the first one of us to see a shark swimming at you with its teeth bared.

Eric:  Oh God! The shark was swimming toward the bait, and its momentum carried it right to where I was at in the cage. It hit the cage so hard that I lost my grip on the safe handle bar. I wanted to grab onto something else, but the shark was biting the cage. Its teeth were about six inches from my face. Alan made fun of me for getting into the fetal position.

Alan:  You did.

Eric:  It was terrifying man! But an awesome experience.

Dane:  Table Mountain.

Alan:  We had planned on summitting Table Mountain two other times, but cancelled it due to weather. It ended up being the last thing we did in Cape Town.

Eric:  We hiked up the mountain and down, even though old man Alan didn’t want to.

Alan:  Just the down part. I also almost lost my hat, but Dane, my hero, rescued it from the side of the mountain.

Dane:  There was a great view from the top. You can see the whole city of Cape Town, and it is a beautiful city. It was sort of nice to go up Table Mountain at the end because we knew the landscape we were looking at. We had our experiences to go along with the view.

Eric:  That’s about it.

Dane:  So, I guess now we have to get to the thing that delayed us in Cape Town so long … the drinking.

Alan:  Long Street will suck you in.

Dane:  Alan danced Gangnam Style. Eric sang karaoke.

Alan:  And had the microphone taken from him.

Eric:  And was not pleased.

Dane:  We also went out to Cape to Cuba near Fish Hoek for Thanksgiving to meet Alan’s old friends.

Eric:  There was no turkey.

Alan:  You did get to watch football, though.

Eric:  Oh, yeah, they turned it on just in time for me to watch the Lions get agonizingly defeated.

Dane:  It was a good game.

Eric:  Could’ve been better.

Alan:  They also invited us out to a braai in Kommetjie that weekend.

Dane:  That was fun. They had a festival going on in the town and their friends had a nice place with an ocean view. The weather was terrible, though.

Eric:  I had a good time at night.

Alan:  The morning was awful, though.

Eric:  The people we met were great. Kommetjie was a good time. Fun was had by all.


Dane:  “Fun was had by all.” We can apply that to all of Cape Town, I think.

Alan:  Yeah.

Eric:  It was a great time and a beautiful city. I think the best one we’ve been on in the trip.

Alan:  Besides Adelaide.

Eric:  You mean Radelaide?

Dane:  Is it good to be doing stupid things with your friends again Alan?

Alan:  Absolutely! The wolf pack is back!


On Robben Island with Table Mountain in the background.