We (Eric, Dane, and Alan) met two years ago when we came to Seoul to teach English. We all came to Korea because it was a good home base to travel across much of Asia. Together, we have traveled to Hong Kong, Macau, and Thailand, as well as through much of Korea, and separately through many more countries. Our time in Seoul is now over. Our time to travel is only beginning.

Our first stop will be North Korea where guides will hold our hands as we are escorted past the best their country has to offer and cover our eyes when we walk past, well, most of the rest of their country. We will then head to Nepal to hike to the base camp on Mount Everest and look up to the highest point on Earth. India will follow. The holy city of Varanasi, the Taj Mahal, and the beaches of Kerala will be some of the wonderful sites to greet our eyes. After a month, we will then travel to Jordan to see the ancient ruins of Petra and shortly after, the Pyramids in Egypt. We will end our trip by touring Southern Africa, passing through the countries of Botswana, Zimbabwe, Zambia, (maybe Mozambique,) and South Africa, getting to see Victoria Falls, explore the beaches, and go on safari.

We all love to travel. Our contracts in Korea have been completed, so we’re taking the long way home, traveling to places and through countries we have always wanted to see. This blog will document (read:  brag about) our experiences.


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