12 Dec

We drove up from Durban to the Amphitheater Backpackers because they have a nice day trip they run into the Drakensberg. The day we were there, however, they weren’t doing that trip. Of course. So, we signed up for the one trip they were running, a journey into Lesotho.

Eric:  The two things I will remember most about Lesotho were the cute kids and the most expensive post card ever.

Alan:  I will remember Eric finally learning how to properly pronounce Lesotho.

Eric:  That’s not on me, man. They need to learn how to spell things.

Dane:  I will remember our crazy tour guide. Maybe insane is a better word.

Alan:  He used pretty crass language for a tour guide.

Eric:  And talked about his drug use on more than one occasion.

Dane:  He said he was kicked out of the army for being a schizophrenic.

Alan:  Or just claimed he was.

Eric:  That was weird.

Alan:  Dane, you weren’t there, but later that night at the bar we overheard a conversation between him and some girl where he said he delivered his own baby. The midwife just left or something.

Eric:  He claimed the most messed up thing about the whole thing was having to bury the placenta in the yard.

Dane:  You’d think that would be the least messed up thing. At that point, the job is done.

Eric:  What about the conversation we had with the people who were serious about the world ending with the end of the Mayan calendar?

Dane:  That was hilarious. And they came to Africa because that’s the one place where people survive. They came to that realization based on the movie 2012. Incredible. Then, we took shots with 17 year olds.

Eric:  I was stunned when I found out they were 17.

Dane:  I don’t think I could have handled traveling Africa at that age.

Alan:  They were all perfecting their English at some place in Cape Town.

Dane:  They were a group of two boys and two girls, and they got a little embarrassed when Eric asked them if they were dating.

Eric:  I’m looking forward to going to bars in America where everyone is over 21.

Dane:  Let’s get back to the rural villages we saw in Lesotho.

Eric:  Did I mention the expensive post card?

Dane:  Yeah.

Eric:  That’s all I care about.

Dane:  We met a medicine woman.

Eric:  She was awesome. I loved her enthusiasm.

Alan:  I would have loved to see her dance with the chicken on her head.

Eric:  It’s amazing she’s so revered. All she does is get into a psychedelic trance and ask dead people for advice.

Dane:  It’s quite a skill.

Lesotho was quite mountainous with small huts doting the landscape. It was a beautiful country, but a rough area to live. The soil was rocky, and the farmable land was minimal. It was also much colder in Lesotho since it was up in the mountains. It was an interesting final activity for our trip, even if it wasn’t our first choice.


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