Noel’s 75th & Durban

11 Dec

We arrived at Alan’s uncle’s house in Belitto, a town just north of Durban, just in time to help him celebrate his 75th birthday. Alan’s cousins and their kids joined the celebration as well.

Alan:  Pool party number 2.

Eric:  Things escalated, especially for a 75th birthday.

Dane:  You didn’t fall asleep at 10:30 pm this time.

Eric:  I wish I had.

Alan:  We were lucky it worked out for us arrive in time for the celebration. There was a nice spread of food and drinks. There was a braai by the pool and drinks were flowing liberally. I got to see the whole clan down in South Africa, and you two got to meet them all.

Dane:  Lovely people they were. Much nicer than you.

Alan:  Fair enough.

Eric:  More than fair.

Dane:  But only because they were so very, incredibly nice and welcoming and giving. You are just at the “very” level.

Eric:  They’re also looking forward to a future engagement.

Dane:  Thanks to you.

Eric:  I may have given them a wedding date for Alan and In-Young, and told them I started preparing my best man speech.

Alan:  Best man?

Eric:  Best man or not, I’m giving a speech.

Dane:  My favorite part of the night was when Alan’s entire family was in the kitchen chatting except for Alan’s uncle, Noel, and me and Eric.

Eric:  Noel said, “I never expected to be spending my 75th chatting with two Americans instead of my family.”

Alan:  Most of the party turned in around midnight.

Eric:  When did we go to bed?

Alan:  Around 1:30 am.

Dane:  We weren’t the only ones still out. Both of Alan’s cousins, Rory and Kate, and Kate’s daughter Siobhan also burned the midnight oil with us.

Eric:  From both ends.

Alan:  The next day, none of us wanted to do anything. Really it’s been a common theme throughout South Africa. We have a big night out, and the next day we accomplish nothing.

Dane:  We went to the beach.

Eric:  The swim freshened us up a bit. It had me feeling better.

Alan:  Then, we just returned back to Noel’s for dinner.

Dane:  The next day, Rory offered to take us out on the boat for some fishing.

Alan:  The boat could only carry two people at once, so me and Dane went out to fish first, and Eric had his manhood threatened when a 14 year-old boy offered to hold him up while Eric tried to surf.

Eric:  All I have to say is I didn’t wipeout.

Dane:  That’s all?

Eric:  I refused the offer too! He didn’t prop me up.

Alan:  Then, we went to Rory’s for another braai, and to watch the Man United game.

Dane:  We certainly didn’t go hungry during our last weekend in South Africa.

Eric:  Another terrific braai in South Africa.

Alan:  That was our last night with the O’Connor clan.

Dane:  They were terrific hosts.

Eric:  When we left this morning and hit the road, Noel gave us beers for the road for some reason.

Alan:  Moira gave us chips and peanuts.

Dane:  Perfect bar food.

Eric:  Unbelievably Irish.


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