Coffee Bay & Margate & Southbroom

10 Dec

We entered Coffee Bay under cover of darkness. The Wild Coast highway delivering us to our destination was in disrepair. Potholes, one lane for two cars, and packed-dirt roads were features of the drive there. It also occurred under heavy fog and light rain. It took us several hours longer than anticipated for us to arrive, but we eventually made it. The sound of tribal drums created an eerie backdrop as we searched for our hostel in the darkness. Trees and vegetation surrounded the road into Coffee Bay, forming a dense curtain of darkness. At any moment, Captain Kurtz could have appeared to greet us. We were in the jungle, lost in place and time. So were many of the other residents (for various reasons).

Alan:  We left from Jeffereys at 11:30 am and didn’t arrive at Coffee Bay till 10 pm.

Eric:  We also bungee jumped that morning, so it made the day even longer.

Dane:  I remember we were all tired when we first arrived because when we finally got someone to help us get the car into the secure lot, they told us they had to cut off the lock, making the lot where we would be leaving our car no longer secure. None of us cared.

Eric:  In the morning, someone offered to sell me ‘shrooms.

Dane:  Coffee Bay is an old hippie hang out. It’s kind of tucked away off the main roads and maintains much of the same mentalities of the old hippies. In fact, a few of them are still there.

Alan:  We decided we had to check it out when we were deciding where to go on our road trip.

Dane:  Why not?

Alan:  Coffee Bay also gave us one of our nice days on the road trip. It was sunny, so the beach was terrific.

Eric:  I just think hippies are nice people.

Dane:  Is that why you were constantly giggling in their presence?

Alan:  Laughing at them?

Eric:  (giggling)

Dane:  The hippies probably never realized you were laughing at them. They probably just assumed you were stoned.

Eric:  Because they clearly were.

Dane:  It’s all they know.

Alan:  They did know how to create wonderful lounge areas, though.

Eric:  That’s for sure. The lounge chairs and swings and things were wonderful.

Dane:  Our next stop was Margate and Southbroom.

Alan:  We drove up from Coffee Bay on another non-coastal coast road.

Eric:  We were going to stay in Margate, but the hotels were absurdly overpriced, because like at Plettenberg Bay, there were a number of recent high school grads raging on the beach.

Dane:  Our hostel down the road in Southbroom was quite interesting.

Alan:  I’m pretty sure the hostel was run by a hippie who had escaped Coffee Bay.

Dane:  Or wandered away one day and got lost.

Eric:  It was weird because we were basically just staying at his house. It was nice and cheap, though, and he had a pool that allowed us to throw a cool pool party!

Dane:  A pool party for three!

Eric:  The best kind.

Alan:  Eric fell asleep in a chair at 5 pm.

Eric:  Hey, hey, hey. It was at least 10:30.

Alan:  Maybe.

Eric:  After spending the day at the beach in Margate with all those young high schoolers, I was feeling old. You two made me feel young again when you drew something on my face, which is not mentionable here because it’s not blog appropriate, though any man would laugh at what it was. Waking up in the morning, and seeing that on my face, took the years away.

Dane:  You’re welcome.

Alan:  Then, we jumped in the car and headed up the coast to Durban to see my family.

Dane:  Yeah, we arrived just in time for your uncle’s 75th birthday.

Eric:  It was great!

Dane:  We’ll push that story to the next blog.

Eric:  To be continued…


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