Knysna, Jeffereys Bay, and Bungee

6 Dec

Our journey up the garden route brought us to Knysna and Jeffereys Bay, allowed for a short detour into Plettenberg Bay, and a chance to bungee off a 216 m high bridge at Bloukrans.

Alan:  Knysna is meant to be nice, but it turned into a bit of a dud for us.

Eric:  We got unlucky with the weather. It rained all day.

Alan:  We met some nice people and went out for drinks, but that’s basically the extent of our Knysna stop.

Dane:  Yeah, we were pretty unlucky with that. The day we left the weather cleared up a bit. On our drive, we stopped in a town on the coast called Plettenberg Bay.

Eric:  Hahahaha.

Dane:  We had been told by JP that Plettenberg would be full of young kids matricking, some sort of slang for matriculating, we think, and is a party for recent high school graduates.

Eric:  We were way too old to be there.

Alan:  Is there anything more to say?

Dane:  Yes!

Eric:  It’s basically a high school spring break.

Alan:  Or students we might have been teaching 4 months ago.

Dane:  Plettenberg had a red bull sponsored stage with a DJ setup. It had lots of high school rugby players. It had girls trying to outdo each other with their beach attire. It had kids trying to act older than they actually were by smoking cigarettes. It was hilarious. But yes, we were too old to be there. We left almost immediately.

Alan:  We tried to find a less youth dominated beach, but we couldn’t find a turn off for one. We got all the way to Jeffereys Bay before we got to the beach again.

Dane:  The beach in Jeffereys is really nice.

Alan:  It’s a real surfers town, though.

Eric:  Since the water was still really cold and we don’t surf, there wasn’t much for us there.

Dane:  The dolphins were nice at sunset.

Eric:  Oh yeah, that was really cool.

Alan:  I think Jeffereys is known for its dolphins.

Dane:  There were certainly a lot of them.

Alan:  We should also mention the bit where a kid went missing.

Dane:  And is still missing.

Eric:  It’s really sad.

Dane:  The search and rescue guides searched for hours.

Alan:  They were searching again this morning, too.

Dane:  At this point, they’re only looking for a body. There’s no happy ending there. Tragic.

Eric:  Yeah, it’s awful.

Dane:  So, let’s hear about your bungee experience off the bridge.

Alan:  Another thing you abandoned us on.

Dane:  The jump wasn’t too early like the meerkats nor was it too expensive. I just have no desire to do something like that.

Alan:  The bungee is great because of the way it’s advertised.

Eric:  Yeah, they don’t care that they’re no longer the world’s tallest bungee because they still claim that it is … or not claim but still call it the world’s tallest bungee. There was even a sign that said it hasn’t been the world’s tallest bungee since 2007, but it’s still known as the world’s tallest bungee. Ridiculous.

Alan:  It’s kind of like when American sports teams call themselves the world champions of something when they are only the champions of America. Ridiculous.

Dane:  That’s uncalled for.

Eric:  Yeah, Alan, it’s not like that at all.

The rest of the conversation (argument?) has been omitted due to inappropriate language and for brevity. Next stop on drive, Coffee Bay. Goodbye garden route, hello wild coast.


2 Responses to “Knysna, Jeffereys Bay, and Bungee”

  1. jproux December 6, 2012 at 9:10 am #

    Did we not warn you about Plet? … which also happens to rhyme with ‘slet’ – the Afrikaans word for slut. Those Afrikaans rugby boys can be quite intimidating 😉

    • ericdanealan December 6, 2012 at 4:29 pm #

      it was hilarious for 15 mins. then, we left. we didn’t have much nerve.

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