20 Nov

There are a couple of things that deserve special mention from our two week safari:  the Okavango Delta and Victoria Falls. They will get their own posts. For now, we’ll just focus on the rest of the two-plus week journey.


Dane:  What is your vote for the worst aspect of the safari? What was the best non-Delta/Vic Falls aspect of the safari?

Eric:  The worst:  being in a tent for 15 or whatever days. The best is hard to choose. I loved the people. I loved the animals. I loved our crew.

Dane:  The tent is an obvious choice for worst. Setting it up. Taking it down. Not sleeping in a bed. The bugs. The dirt. The sand. There were a lot of good things on the safari, but the best by definition can only be one thing. What is it?

Eric:  What is yours?

Dane:  The animals. That’s the point of going on a safari, isn’t it? Our guides made the safari better. The other people on safari with us made it better. But the best thing? The animals. It has to be.

Eric:  Yeah, we saw a ton of game and were lucky enough to see some very rare things.  The African dog is endangered and incredible difficult to spot.  We saw a baby elephant that had just been killed by a lion and was still warm!  We even saw some black rhinos which are also nearly extinct!

Dane:  Nearly extinct because they have the propensity to walk toward humans when they smell them, a cruel twist of evolution.







Over the course of our safari, President Obama was reelected, Dane turned 25, and Alan flew to Cape Town. Yes, Alan flew to Cape Town to rejoin us on our trip around the world. Somehow that is the biggest non-safari thing that happened during the last two-plus weeks. He missed Petra and the Pyramids, but now he’s baaaaaaaccckk!  …  and hopefully has brought us some sort of “sorry for abandoning you guys for a girl” peace offering.

The safari was terrific. We met a whole crew of great people on both legs of the journey and saw some incredible things. It was well worth the experience, but it’s time for regular showers, reliable wi-fi, and a bed and pillow again.


2 Responses to “Safari”

  1. Narelle O'Keefe November 21, 2012 at 1:29 pm #

    African Dog – wild dog
    Alan – Douche
    And i think you should pop something in about the WRONG mo’s.
    Kiss kiss hug hug

  2. Narelle O'Keefe November 21, 2012 at 1:36 pm #

    Forgot – Love It!! X

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