3 Nov

Our first full day in Cairo, we went to the Pyramids at Giza. It was by far the best thing to see in Egypt (though admittedly, we did not make it to Upper Egypt — Luxor, Memphis, and all that). That is no surprise. After seeing the Pyramids, nothing else in Egypt stood a chance to impress us.

Dane:  Highlight of Egypt?

Eric:  Pyramids.

Dane:  Obviously.

Eric:  Obviously.

Dane:  So, what’s number 2 on the list?

Eric:  Climbing to the top of Mount Sinai. Egypt has so much religious history, to experience some of it was cool. You?

Dane:  I would have said the same thing, but in order to avoid getting repetitive, I’ll say scuba diving at Dahab.

Eric:  Scuba diving is always great. I saw some of the biggest, most colorful fish I had ever seen in the Red Sea.

Dane:  Yeah, they were massive and somewhat scary to see swimming toward you.

Eric:  The reef was pretty impressive as well.

Dane:  There wasn’t much going on in Cairo. Tahrir Square was quiet. The Egyptian Museum had a lot of cool things, but there was little to no information about the artifacts present and there was no flow to the museum at all.

Eric:  It was pretty cool to see the mummies, though. One of them even had all of its finger nails still.

Dane:  Yeah, the mummified body exhibit was cool. The King Tut treasures were cool. A lot of the artifacts were cool. The museum could be so much better, though. It felt like a wasted opportunity.

Eric:  Is there anything else to say really?

Dane:  Alexandria.

Eric:  Alexandria was nice because we had a contact there to show us around a bit.

Dane:  The library there is pretty amazing … as much as libraries can be.

Eric:  They have a record of everything they’ve put on the internet since 1996.

Dane:  All backed up on servers. The only copy of the internet in the world.

Eric:  Be careful what you put on Facebook.

Dane:  Have you seen your Facebook profile?

Eric:  I’d be a lot smarter if I took my own advice. College.

Dane:  But again, the Pyramids were the best thing by far.

Eric:  I’d say they were the best thing I’ve seen on this trip … or the coolest thing.

Dane:  They were absolutely amazing. Massive. Huge. Another word meaning mind-blowingly big.

Eric:  We rented horses to take us around the whole complex. Not being from Texas, I think I enjoyed the experience more than Dane. We got to gallop around a bit, which was fun, but also hurt…

Dane:  I enjoyed the galloping more than you because, being from Texas, I knew how to avoid hurting certain parts of my anatomy when the horse sped up.

Eric:  Yeah, galloping was painful.

Dane:  The horses were a good way to get around, though. I didn’t want to do it at first because I thought the price was expensive, but it ended up being well worth it, especially since our guide shooed away all the touts (read:  annoying salesmen).

Eric:  It was nice not having to deal with them for a change. It made the experience all the better.

Dane:  So, that’s Egypt?

Eric:  I’d like to talk about what impressed me about the pyramids.

Dane:  Go.

Eric:  It was fascinating to see something so tall that had been standing there for over 5,000 years. I’m so impressed the Egyptians were able to construct it with such minimal machinery. They were incredibly high. Was it 160 m?

Dane:  Not sure.

Eric:  Well, high. And massive at the base.

Dane:  Yeah, it made having the horses almost a necessity just to get around them in a reasonable amount of time.

Eric:  So, that’s Egypt?

Dane:  That’s Egypt.

The Great Pyramid of Giza, the grandest of the pyramids, was completed around 2540 BCE, the others were constructed and completed not too long after. The height of the Great Pyramid is 138.8 meters (455 ft). The width of the Great Pyramid at the base is 230.4 meters (756 ft). In your mind, you have an idea of what to expect when you get there, but when you finally do arrive, you are still blown away.

The Great Pyramid of Giza was the tallest building on Earth when construction on it was completed. It held that record for 3,800 years.


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