Everest Tomorrow

5 Sep

We’re excited. Six hours from now we’ll be on a plane to Lukla to begin our trek to Everest Base Camp.

This, however, means the end of any updates to this blog for roughly 15 days. Kathmandu has slow internet. It’s so slow, in fact, it took Alan several hours to upload his post on North Korea. I can’t imagine we’ll find better internet at any of the stops along the way up the mountain.

Nepal so far has proved to be fun. We went canyoning the other day and spent today exploring the temples of Kathmandu. We also rode on the bus of a madman for three hours, where the possibility of driving off a cliff or hitting another bus on the roadway were near possibilities every minute.

Those stories and the rest of Alan’s North Korea trip, however, will have to wait till after Everest. Hopefully the internet in India is better than here because we have plenty of stories and pictures to post and should have plenty more after the next 15 days.

We’re off to see the top of the world!


One Response to “Everest Tomorrow”

  1. Henry September 5, 2012 at 11:06 pm #

    Good luck! http://www.buzzfeed.com/toddvanluling/dead-bodies-on-mount-everest

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